Embrace your sexy curves with Plus Size Boudoir photography

Reveal your inner diva and be a rebel while flaunting your best side out with Plus size Boudoir Photography.

Plus size is usually associated with so many negative connotations. Plus-size people are said to be “too much” to fit in the conventional standards of beauty. Millions of individuals have taken the plus-size phrase and carved out a niche for themselves in the world of body positivity, and Boudoir photography helps you to do so by resonating a sense of inner beauty in your pictures. 

Be an empowered woman and showcase your attitude of unapologetic self-acceptance through plus-size Boudoir photography. Boudoir photography is a fun and empowering art that speaks volumes about who someone is on the inside. Especially for plus-size individuals who might be hiding their beautiful, curvy bodies behind the veil of layers of clothes, for them, Boudoir photography is an ingenious idea to say goodbye to being camera shy.

When you go for a bold photoshoot you don’t just accept the real beauty bombshell that you are you also get to see a more confident and untapped version of your inner self which deserves love and appreciation.

Best Posing tips for plus size Boudoir Photography

When you have those extra layers of fat tucked in your skin, sometimes even taking a decent selfie can seem intimidating. To help you be a real poser in front of the camera and drive away your fear of facing the lens, here are Boudoir photography posing ideas to keep you inspired.

The pretzel pose

The pretzel pose happens when you place your hands on your opposite shoulders forming a cross with your arms. Then bend your legs over one another to form a pretzel look. If you are posing nude and you want to keep your private parts covered, this is the best way to look like a bombshell. 

The arched back pose

For adding posture and power to your pictures, you can arch your back and tilt your head to the sidewall. This will make you look sexy yet classy at the same time. 

Window poses and door lean-ups

To add more definition to your pictures create lines with your limbs. You can sleep and lean your legs on the headboard or pose with your hands on your head and leaning on the window with your leg leaned forwards to make you look tall. 

Give food enough credit

Take a bite of your chocolate bar or have cotton candy in your hand while posing, so that you won’t be clueless about what to do with your hands. 

Play with your hair

This is one of the oldest yet most effective tips that every model uses to fake a candid in front of the lens. Play with your hair, strike some sexy poses with your long luscious curls and be a stunner with natural curves. 

Hop in the shower

If you don’t have much to experiment with or if you are running short on props, then you can always take a comfy bubble bath in your bathtub and play with bubbles with a smile glaring near those adorable cheeks. Pout or blow the bubbles and get your inner kid out while you pose. 

Get ready to be clicked by the art of seduction

Feel Divalicious while you honor your beautiful curves with plus size boudoir photography

Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. There’s nothing called too thin or too thick, you are perfect the way you are. Get up, dress up and show up at a Boudoir photography session and let your curves tell a tale about the true definition of beauty. Our professional photographers will help you to recognize your truest inner beauty and bring it to light. 

If you are looking for the best plus size boudoir photography ideas or a professional Boudoir photographer then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us @ RR Boudoir Photography. We would love to help you out! 


#1 Can body consciousness be avoided by Boudoir photography?

We believe that Boudoir photographs are a great way to re-discover your lost confidence and explore who you really are. Plus-size people are generally conscious about their bodies because often people see them differently, and even they have to shop from different stores. But with Boudoir photography, we make them realize that they are no less beautiful than the rest of the world. Rather they are unique in their own specific way. 

#2 How much do you charge for plus-size Boudoir photography?

The charges are the same for plus-size photographs just like any other form of photography. Our charges are dependable on the duration of the shoot and the number of pictures that you want, not the type of photography. As plus-size people, the world may see you differently, but for us, you are the same as the rest of our clients.

#3 Do you have a special team of photographers who work on plus-size photos?

Yes, we do have an experienced team of skilled photographers who specialize in clicking plus-size photographs. They make you comfortable during the shoot and make you feel like you are in your safe space. With the right gear and best-in-class lighting, our photographers work marvel for your photos and bring out the real beauty in each snap. 

#4 Do you click plus size photos of just women, or do you capture plus size men as well?

We click pictures of every plus-size individual who wants to look stunning in front of the camera. Men also face unrealistic beauty standards just like women and so we don’t differentiate between men and women when it comes to plus size Boudoir photography

#5 What sort of props would you recommend for plus-size women?

Posing is great. If you are a poser, then you would definitely slay the plus-size photoshoot. However, many people are cognoscente of their faces while not thinking about their hands and feet. This is when a prop can help. There is a myriad of props that plus-size people can opt for. Ranging from the accessories and furnishings in different parts of the home to strawberries, ice creams, swings, or flowers, there is a lot to experiment with when you have such a wonderful and curvy body type.