Couples Boudoir By RR Boudoir Photography

Imagine if it was possible to capture the natural chemistry that exists between you and your partner, when you are both fully present in the moment, celebrating each other’s bodies and your unique connection. With our intimate couples boudoir photography sessions, you can transform your most sensual experiences with your partner into beautiful, lasting images that will serve as an immortal reminder of your passion for each other. 


A couples boudoir photography session is the perfect gift to give to your partner, be it for a birthday, anniversary, or simply as a reminder of your powerful feelings for them. Celebrate your love and intimacy with a series of sexy portraits, professionally edited to uncover your flawless and breath-taking selves. Share the experience as a couple, create memories that will last a lifetime (sans awkwardness), and capture this important time in your relationship forever. 

Raghu, the founder of RR Boudoir Photography, ascribes the success of his couples boudoir sessions to his unique approach, which he has refined through years of experience in this niche industry. He goes to great lengths to ensure that his subjects are completely relaxed and at ease for the entirety of their session, which offers an intimate bonding opportunity more than a styled photoshoot. 


If you’ve ever felt awkward in front of a camera, it’s time to let that go. This process isn’t about fixing you or making you look like someone else but, rather, it’s purely about exploring the unique bond shared by two people who share a deep intimate connection. Your couples boudoir session is guaranteed to be a special experience for the two of you to share together and remember forever.

Our team will style you with a range of wardrobe options to suit every taste, pamper you with professional hair and makeup and guide you in posing without taking away from the authenticity of the moment. You will look and feel your best by the time you step in front of the camera, where your most sensuous selves will be frozen in time under our careful direction. 


Are you ready to let go of your inhibitions and grab hold of the opportunity to experience something new with the person you love most? Trust RR Boudoir Photography to capture you and your lover in a genuine, raw, and emotional state and create something you’re sure to treasure forever.

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Where are you located?

We are located in Des Moines, Iowa. I also and shoot regularly in Iowa city, Omaha and other cities.

Are you/will you come to where I live for a Destination Session? How about where I am going on vacation?

I’m probably up for it. Rates vary based on travel costs and my current availability and schedule. Please feel free to get in touch and we can chat about it.

How much do you charge?

Please get in touch for full pricing options.

What if I feel like I don't have the right body for it?

Couples boudoir is for EVERY BODY. Couples boudoir is by nature a body positive experience. Many times our partners love our bodies much more than we love our own. This experience helps people who feel too skinny or too fluffy to fall in love with themselves through their partner's eyes. So bring your body to the session and we'll make you feel comfortable!

Do you offer hair & makeup for couples boudoir?

Yes, we designed a whole room for that! Hair & Makeup for 1 person is included. If you both want hair & makeup please let us know so that we can make arrangements.

I'D like to loose weight before my photo shoot. Should I hold off on booking?

Lose your mindset, not the weight! You won't feel better about yourself if you put off doing things because of your weight or other reasons. Take advantage of living in the present. The best thing about boudoir is that it will teach you to embrace your curves and love yourself no matter what!

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