Meet Raghu, Your Friendly

Neighborhood Boudoir Photographer

Hi, there! I'm Raghu, the Owner & Lead Photographer at RR Boudoir. I believe boudoir is a celebration of life - YOUR Life. It's an opportunity for you to overcome lifelong fears and move past trauma by celebrating YOURSELF, Your Beauty, & Your Sexuality.

Our studio is a safe, supportive space where you're not only allowed but encouraged, to be unashamedly & unapologetically yourself. Your boudoir experience is all about YOU. I'm just along for the ride.

Perspectives From A Male Boudoir Photographer

It is a fact that men love and appreciate women. Male boudoir photographers have a unique advantage in that we have seen and appreciated females in different aspects of our lives, from a young age to adulthood. We have grown up around mothers, sisters, women friends, and have transitioned eventually to girlfriends, spouses, or significant others. Males naturally appreciate the female body, and as a seasoned boudoir photographer, I am able to guide women in just the right poses to bring a subtle sexiness, a nuance, adding the essential male point of view to each of my sessions. My sessions can be as tame, or as bold, as you are comfortable with, and I always get to know each client before the session to understand their comfort level. Each of my clients is different, but I promise you this – you will leave your photoshoot feeling confident, inspired, and empowered by the joy of being a woman.

Creating A Unique Journey For My Clients

Boudoir photography involves much more than just taking photographs of women in lingerie lying on a bed. Male photographers inherently understand the subtle nuances that make an image sexy to a man, such as an exposed neckline, or placement of your arm to draw attention to your long, luxurious hair, or the arch of your lower back. Some of these poses that a woman may not find immediately sensuous or sultry are precisely the advantage that a male boudoir photographer holds. And when I take that subtle shot, playing up a sultry look or specific pose, the finished photograph will speak volumes.
I know exactly which poses will be perfect for each client’s unique body type, or poses that will highlight outstanding features or parts of the body that should be celebrated. Understanding the different variations in a woman’s body leads to creative shots, purposeful angles, and just the right lighting to bring out the inner and outer qualities that make each woman uniquely sexy and sultry.

Give Yourself Permission To Be The Star Of The Show

All women need a boost in confidence from time to time, a time that is just for them, for embracing their inner and outer beauty with star-level treatment. The timeless style of boudoir photographs can paint a story of elegance, sophistication, coy glamour, and any other image you can imagine. Let yourself be pampered for the day with hair, makeup, and wardrobe to leave you feeling like a magazine cover girl. You will be surprised at the final result, perhaps not believing you had it within yourself to create such powerful, moving images. When my clients choose me as their photographer, I give them more than just a photo session. I give them an experience to treasure in their memory forever.
Each of my clients holds a special place in my heart, and with every session booked, I will also commit to donating 5% of your package cost to a nonprofit of your choice. I believe in you, and now, I am asking you to believe in yourself. Contact me today and let’s begin this journey together.