Why should I do a boudoir shoot?

A. You are gorgeous, unique and sexy AF. There’s no time like the present to celebrate YOU through a private, “holy $#!+, that’s, me?!” photo experience. Whether you want to rock that new engagement ring, celebrate an anniversary, cross it off the bucket list, or just because you’re SEXY AF — there’s no time like the present. Not to mention that we will coach you through every step, from the very first chat, through choosing the perfect wardrobe to suit your style and comfort, to expertly posing you in the most flattering and amazing ways. At the end of it all, you get to not only OWN who you are, but feel even more beautiful, confident, and inspired when you walk out of the studio. When you preserve your sexy self through our gorgeous wall art, albums, and other photo products, you can relive the awesome EVERY DAY.

What if I don’t have anyone to give my photos to?

A. Girl, many of our clients do their shoot JUST for themselves! You don’t need a reason to do a shoot - this is for you. If someone else gets to be a beneficiary of you looking all gorgeous and confident, lucky them!

I have no idea how to "act sexy". HELP!

A. You literally need ZERO experience in “acting sexy” or modeling. All of the women you’ve seen in our photos are real women, just like you. You will always receive one-on-one instruction on posing- from head-to-toe — even expression coaching!

What if I only want a few photos?

A. We create ARTWORK with full-service luxury experience. Most of our clients walk away with *dozens* of their favorite images in luxury albums, wall art, digital images, and more. We don’t offer single-print options because we don’t believe it’s possible to only love “a few images” after a 2-hour luxury portrait experience. If budget is on your mind, we do offer payment plans and financing options!

Do you have any weekend availability?

A. LIMITED options, yes; however, these do book up quickly and may not be available for several months. Please email for availability / to get on the wait list!

How long will my session last?

A. Plan for an estimated 2.5 hours for your complete boudoir experience. We will begin with hair + makeup and then your photo session will take place over the next 2 hours or so. You will also be able to change outfits as well for different "looks". If you have a Same-Day Viewing and Ordering session, add a few extra hours.

Is hair + makeup included in my session fee?

A. YES - Part of our luxury experience includes pampering with a full professional hair + makeup application, including faux lashes. Whether you prefer a more everyday makeup look or the full glam makeup treatment, we’ll customize your look for you!

Do I need to bring my own lingerie and other wardrobe options?

A. We do offer a selection of bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, shoes in our Client Style Closet.

You’ll be responsible for bringing 3-4 complete looks that fit your body and personal style - but you’ll still have access to the Client Style Closet! We recommend bringing a selection of your own lingerie, robes, shoes, jewelry, etc to ensure you have a proper fit and that the looks fit your personal style. We are more than happy to assist you with picking out your wardrobe options ahead of time! If you wish to schedule a wardrobe fitting from our Style Closet, please contact us after booking to schedule a time.

How soon will I see my images?

A. Your complete image collection will be available to view in-studio at your private Ordering Session about 2 weeks after your session. You’ll see lightly edited images in a cinematic slideshow and then we go through them one by one to select your favorites. Most of our clients walk away with dozens of images they LOVE! All print, album, and wall art orders are fully retouched based on your specific feedback.

Need them FAST? Same-Day Viewing is an option with the pre-purchase of our Collections!

Will my photos be on the internet ?

A. Not unless you say it’s okay! Every client I feature on my website has given me written permission to post her images. Privacy is very important to me. If you decide you don’t want them shared, that is completely fine. If you want to give permission, I’d LOVE to share them so other women can get an idea of what the experience looks and feels like.

Do you offer sessions for couples?

A. Yes, we offer luxury boudoir sessions to both females & couples.

Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yep, sure do! We do have a $999 minimum order. Most clients will invest $1500-2500+ on their custom images + artwork. After booking, you’ll receive our full pricing guide and choose to pay either the minimum order amount or most clients select one of our awesome Collections for prepayment (and earn great free Bonus Perks!). You can decide if you prefer to pay overtime before your session or make one payment. Easy financing is also available through PayPal Credit! All orders can be upgraded at your private image reveal + order appointment, where you’ll finalize your images and order your artwork.

What if I have more questions?

A. Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch!

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”