From Real-Life to Reel-Life: Show Your Chemistry with Your Partner with These Outfit Ideas for a Couples Boudoir Shoot

June 13, 2022 Couples Boudoir

In today’s fast-paced life, couples are trying to find innovative ways to reconnect with each other. They are looking for new experiences that bring them closer and keep their passion alive. Couple boudoir shoots have become a popular choice for the same. Posing in front of the camera with your soulmate as everything else fades into the background rekindles intimacy. But the number one concern that people have before booking a boudoir shoot is the outfits. What should we wear to make us look good in the camera? If the outfit is holding you back from saying yes to the shoot, you have nothing to worry about anymore. This guide gives you all the tips and ideas you need to keep in mind while selecting your outfit. Once you’re done reading, your fabulous chemistry will be ready to shine on camera. 

What to keep in mind while selecting the outfit for a boudoir shoot for couples?

The first thing you need to understand is that the choice is yours to make. A couples boudoir photo shoot is all about you, your partner, and the bond that you share. No outfit choice can dim the light of your love. On that note, let’s take a look at the following outfit tips:

#1 Choose according to the photo theme: 

This can be an easy way of eliminating any worry or stress. Focus on the theme and choose the outfit accordingly. If you are going for a dreamy, romantic look, you can choose something flowy, lacy, and beaded. Men can go shirtless with white pants or see-through shirts in pastel colors. Boudoir photography packages include a stocked closet from which you both can choose the perfect outfit.

#2 Go out of your comfort zone

If you and your partner are going into the shoot to experience something new, it makes sense to use the opportunity to push your boundaries. Try out something you have rarely worn outside your living space. You can confidently go for lingerie and underwear, or choose to wear nothing! There is no judgment or body shaming in a boudoir studio. 

#3 Prioritizing comfort: 

If going out of the comfort zone is not your cup of tea, forget about it. Choose something comfortable, something that represents you and your partner. If you want the mood to be relaxed and homely, you can even try out fancy bathrobes. A boudoir shoot makes everything look good. Also, the comfort will filter through the lens and create a lovely photograph. 

#4 All about elegance: 

Want to channel your inner power couple? Go for elegant dresses, suits, and tuxes. Nothing screams confidence and sexy as a slick cocktail dress and a classic tux. Request an appropriate mood and backdrop, and you have yourself a shot from a Hollywood blockbuster!

#5 Go with the colors: 

Do specific colors signify something special to you and your partner? Incorporate them into the photo shoot. Your photographer can create a color scheme you both can maintain during the shoot. Sticking to a few colors streamlines your choices, making it easier to select outfits without feeling lost. 

Boudoir shoots may look daunting, but they are quite the opposite. Boudoir photo shoots are about liberating yourself, accepting your body, and celebrating your beauty. Do not fret about your outfit. When you choose a good photographer, you will receive professional advice on every little detail. If you want to hire the best in business, check out boudoir photography packages from RR Boudoir Photography. Dedicated to providing a space where you can be yourself, RR Boudoir Photography can make all your boudoir photo shoot fantasies come true. 


Will I have to take care of hair and makeup myself?

The studio will have a makeup artist to get you ready. 

We do not know how to pose and have never modeled. Will that be a problem?

No. The photographer will guide you on how to pose for the camera.