April 23, 2021

Look drop-dead gorgeous with sensational Boudoir photography

Do you know that the word Boudoir is derived from French and it refers to a woman’s private dressing that she has all to herself? In the same way, Boudoir Style Photography is a tribute to an individual’s unique personality that hides beneath the veil of coyness or societal consequences.

Whether you want to wear sexy lingerie, or you want to bare it all, the Boudoir photography will accentuate your remarkable features and illuminate them with elegance and beauty. In front of the camera, you can be your true self without thinking about what people will think. 


That’s the magic of Boudoir-style photography that invites eyes and fascinates hearts. The photography style features sensual, romantic, and intimate images that uncover your deepest desires and your real beauty without any restraints. Boudoir photography style has steadily gained popularity over the past few years because of its free-spirited spree, but there are several other reasons as well that make Boudoir the jewel of your gallery.

Why Boudoir Photography? 

If you want to tap into an unknown side of your personality and discover what’s truly left in your distant corners of the soul, then the lens will capture it. The entire concept of Boudoir is based upon revealing who you truly are and what you are capable of doing. Numerous persons have reported having a more confident persona and an intellectual approach towards their own self-existence after they go for a Boudoir session. 


Brides go for boudoir photography to surprise their beau. Couples go for Boudoir-style photography to bring a new spark in their relationship or ignite the long-lost spark. Sometimes very normal people seek Boudoir sessions because they need to escape the traditional beauty standards that lower their morale and make them feel unwanted by the crowd of people. 


Boudoir Photography isn’t just a way of expressing your truest self it is an emotion that depicts you in your purest of forms. It envisions you in a whole new light to let you discover your self-worth through the eyes of a professional photographer.


So be a part of the journey and find out how beautiful you are when the camera shows your sensational curves! 


Best Posing Tips for Boudoir Photography

Just lie in any portrait photography, if you are static or clueless, then you start to look boring and uninteresting in your photos. To diversify the character element in your Boudoir photos and to bring out the wow factor, you need to have a creative and unique approach for your poses. Are you curious about Boudoir style photography but you aren’t sure about how to approach the boudoir photo poses, then these Boudoir photography ideas will help you to make your portfolio stand out through an artistic vision and inspiration. 

#1 The Birth of Venus by Botticelli

This is one of the most famous, all-time favorite poses among Boudoir photography that never failed to win hearts. This famous pose emulated the goddess Venus in half shell. In the painting, her hair covered parts of her body, but you can play with a satin fabric or any other element to achieve a similar result. For the pose to happen, the subject must face the camera with most of their weight on the left leg, their left hand should rest of their chest and the right arm must be placed between their legs. 

#2 La Grande Odalisque by Jean August Dominique Ingres

This one is a universally recognizable painting that has created its place in the course of history. To create this pose, the model has to lie on one side of a couch or bed on the left side, back to the camera while supporting themselves on their left forearm. The knees have to be slightly bent and the model has to look back at the camera with a flirting or flattering appeal over their right shoulder to complete the fantasy look.

#3 Simple lying on the side

If you want to accentuate your curves on the camera or you want to show off your natural curves in contrast to the straight horizontal line of the floor, then this pose is the ideal match for you. To complete the pose, the subject has to lie on one side of the floor with their arm extended above their head. Then they have to create a curve between their hip and shoulder by bending the upper leg for highlighting the waist. 

#4 Arched back

To showcase the lines of the body sharply, the arched back is a perfect choice. In this pose, the model has to push her chest forward and keep her hips and shoulder on the floor to create a curve of negative space between the floor and her body. From there, the subject can play around with the positioning by moving the arms. Legs face or waist to determine which boudoir pose looks the sexiest. 

#5 Looking edgy on the edge of the chair

To create this pose lean forward modestly with your arms covering your legs and chest together. This pose can hide the elements of your body that need to be hidden and expose those that add the flirtatious aspect to your pictures. If you want your Boudoir album to be a tease, then this is the ultimate pose for you.

#6 Face sideways

This pose hits all the right curves and angles to make the most of the subject’s body. To recreate this pose take a chair, angle it slightly away from the camera, and rotate the chair so that the best profile is towards the camera when the model sits own. From there the model can experiment with elongating or bending legs or playing with several props as they wish to.


#7 Crossed legs

If you are having a plus-size photoshoot then the crossed legs pose can be your savior. It is best for plus-size or curvy subjects to accentuate their curves and focus on their best features. The crossed leg pose can emphasize the curve of their hip and make a great boudoir photo for their gallery by making them more confident about their body type. 

Fresh Ideas for Boudoir Photography

If you think that majority of boudoir images feature female subjects, then you are right. However, men pose for boudoir too and recently couples boudoir has also gained a lot of traction. Ranging from the dramatic (low-key) classic looks for Boudoir to the luminous and vogue ideas, fresh boudoir photography ideas include maternity shoots, couple boudoir, vogue nude, and much more. To simplify it for you let’s look at the three prime attractions in the Boudoir Style photography nowadays. 

Maternity Boudoir

Gone are the days when pregnancy-bodies were considered an embarrassment. Now women are empowered and they truly know how to embrace their body in every shape and form. Besides motherhood is a magical experience and the initial days of bearing a child within the womb are no less than a miracle. Everyone must have a memoir with maternity shoots, but Boudoir maternity shoots are aimed at capturing the purest essence of motherhood while accepting the joy of changes that occur in a women’s body. Isn’t that surreal, precious, and beautiful?

Couples Boudoir

Couples Boudoir is specifically in the limelight nowadays because most couples are opting for Boudoir style photography to reflect their intimate bond on the camera. Boudoir photoshoots are like time windows for couples through which they can relive their romance and their relationship’s sexiest moments. Boudoir captures how two people insanely fall in love and then madly keep loving each other for the rest of their lives. The style of photography epitomizes how they overcome the phase of being complete strangers, to being companions in happiness and woes, secrets and empathy, and whatnot.

Vogue shoots

Typically Boudoir photography is more about the commoners, than about the models. But now as the popularity of Boudoir is sky-rocketing and people are embracing the artistic, aesthetic as well as emotional aspect of photography, the modeling world has also become quite open to the Boudoir modes. The inception of modern boudoir started with the endorsement of beauty brands and for magazine covers, but now boudoir is a complete industry that is focused on creating breathtaking pictures of beautiful models. 

Different Styles of Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is a vast genre. We all absolutely love thee Boudoir style photography. However, to plan a Boudoir shoot perfectly and to communicate thoroughly to the photographer about what your photography goals really are, you need to do your bit of research in Boudoir. This will help you to find out the genre in Boudoir that is written for you. 

  • Traditional Boudoir Photography

In conventional or traditional Boudoir Style photography, the subject is photographed in sexually suggestive, intimate poses in a homely setting dressed in revealing lingerie or nude. The lighting is generally natural soft and this sort of Boudoir photography typically emphasizes the artistic craft and the aesthetic qualities of the photograph as compared to other distinct forms of erotic imagery.

  • Pin-up/Glamour Photography

In the glamour Boudoir photoshoot the char, alluring beauty, and the sex appeal of the subject are captured, Glamour photos are generally captured in to bring lighting and typically in brightly colored pictures. This way of Boudoir aims to enhance the natural beauty of the model in a myriad of outfits ranging from fully-clothed runway-style looks to revealing or nude looks. 

  • Fine Art Photography

In the Boudoir style photography, fine art nude photography focuses on the nude human body with a sheer emphasis on the composition, form, emotional content as well as other significant aesthetic qualities. Artistic considerations are of primary importance and the erotic interest is secondary. It is a kind of fine art nude session where the model(s) is photographed in a myriad of unusual poses under soft, conventional lighting conditions in the studio or outdoor settings. 

Opt for any one of the above-mentioned styles and get imagery on the snaps that speak for you and to you. 


#1 All the women in your photo gallery look breathtaking. What if I don’t look equally good?

Flaws are beautiful. Nobody comes into our studio looking or feeling all perfect. There are different things in the human body that people feel self-conscious about, and we try to highlight your best features. The images that you see on our website are of normal women who looked stunning through professionally styled hair and makeup. It is normal to feel nervous, but don’t get discouraged, because you might look more beautiful than them. 

#2 Will it be possible on my part to get all the pictures taken during the shoot?

The answer is no. During the shoot, hundreds of pictures are taken and the majority of them end up as test shots leading up to the perfect moment when you look your best. Only the very best images are selected from editing and you can get the edited pictures that reflect finesse and perfection. 

#3 I have a curvy body type. Will that be an issue for Boudoir photography?

Not at all! We love curvy body types. Boudoir style photography is never about the size. It is about how confident you are and what you bring to a shoot. Curves can make you feel like an absolute diva as they accentuate each of your body features. We can suggest tips and tricks regarding the poses and use of best lighting and gear to show you at your best, so never worry about being on the plus side. 

#4 Can I bring my friend or any family member with me to make me comfortable during the shoot?

Although the best photos come from one-on-one interaction between you and the photographer, you can always bring someone with you if you wish. We try our best to make you comfortable during the shoot. However, if you want someone to be on your side during the shoot, you can always bring your entourage. 

#5 Is there any average age of your clients, or do you photograph older women as well?

No there isn’t any age bar for opting for Boudoir photography. We welcome women of all ages to experience the job of celebrating their own selves. Don’t feel discouraged by age because some of our favorite clients are older women. Women of all age groups and all sizes deserve a chance to look special and we will absolutely love to bring your best side out.