Outfits Ideas for Plus Size Boudoir Photoshoot

June 16, 2021

There is a stigma surrounding plus-sized bodies. Body shaming isn’t a new concept, and people obsess over unrealistic body standards that aren’t indicative of a healthy body. However, modern women are strong, independent, and fierce. No one can tell them where they belong or what they must do. Some ways are responsible for boosting the confidence of women to manifold, and one such way is plus size boudoir photography.

The photography sessions are a way to channel the wild, sprightly energy residing inside the feminine aura. Numerous plus-size Boudoir photography packages help women discover their real side, overcome their fears and look inside their soul to find their vibe. Boudoir is an overall fun experience, and you can play with different elements during the shoot. One such element is the outfit. If you are thinking about outfits to make you look confident during the Boudoir shoot, then here is some inspiration for you!

Silk robes or your man’s favorite button-downs

Well, if you want your pictures to be more teasing and sensual, then you can always opt for silk robes. They look like sheer luxury and glam you up instantly. On the other hand, if you want a more casual look, then you can pick your man’s white shirts or other button-downs. They will make you look fantastic.


Bustier curves are beautiful, and when you have such precious curves, why not flaunt them? You can always wear a bodysuit to tuck down the extra fat and accentuate your curves. Wear a black bodysuit or a burgundy one, you can also wear a lacy or striped bodysuit to invite flattery into the shoot.


Wear bustier corsets to pinch the waist and show off your cleavage. Corsets are the perfect tease and they can make you look confident so do pack a corset when you are going for a Boudoir shoot. 


Get your favorite baby doll lingerie, a push-up bra, and high-waisted panties with interesting details like different tying knots, slips, etc. Wear shades that can make you look sexy or stick to the basic shades such as black, baby pink, blue, ocean green, scarlet red, etc. 

Or you can bare it all if you want and cover your intimate areas with parts such as flowers, petals, books, straps, or something more interesting. Drop a hint when you have such beautiful features because you are worth all the limelight! 

Outfits that look stunning on curvy women!

Plus size boudoir photography can be an experience to cherish forever. Outfits have a significant part to play during the shoot because they regulate your confidence levels. If you have a bustier structure, then make sure to choose lingerie or corsets that have cups. Never forget to try out sexy garments either in lace or with pretty details. Try on all your lingerie before the shoot and before choosing Boudoir photography packages, if anything is too tight or pinching, toss it because you need to bring clothes to the shoot that will make you feel comfortable and look stunning!